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Pneumatically Operated Doors
The door in the dark
  Specially constructed sliding doors for a presentation room. The control was integrated into the multimedia presentation.

These doors are pneumatically operated with a custom microcontroller I/O board. They fit flush into a cylindrical wall and appear to be a part of the wall. The doors and the surrounding wall are skinned with white perforated nylon coated steel panels and are used for video projection. When operated the doors retract and then they slide away sideways into a void within the surrounding perforated panels. The sliding doors are synchronised to a projected motion video image that folds back at the same rate. To add to the fun the doors and the surrounding perforated panels have interior neon lighting that glows red or blue when the lights are dimmed.


When you roll your mouse over this picture, the main lighting will be switched off and the neons will glow in the darkness.
  The interior of the door before it was covered with it's metal skin, showing the wiring of the safety sensors and neon lighting.
Custom electronic control module   The control is based around a custom micro controller with fully isolated inputs and outputs.

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