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Magna Science Adventure Centre
'Air Pavilion'
  Suspended high above the ground is a massive translucent Airship. Make your way along the breathtaking steel walkway to discover a world dedicated to our Air.
• Air in our Bodies - Make a farting, belching exhibition of yourself
• Fly like a bird - Make the floor fall away as you catch the wind
• A bridge too far - Simulate the Tacoma Narrows disaster
• Air Waves - Make scary airy music

Adjust the wings and watch the airflow Adjust the wings and watch the airflow Wind Tunnels - front view Wind Tunnels
Air Orchestra - Compose your own melody So what's all the fuss about a Dyson Vaccuum?
''I say, did someone let rip?''
Air Cannon - Hand controlled air pumps Field of Corn - Windmill controlled fan blower Gyroscopic Chair - A demonstation of Centripetal Force Tacoma Narrows Disaster - Simulate that fateful event

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