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Basement - The Science Museum
Find Out More children's section in the Science Museum
  These were designed and built by the directors while employed by the Science Museum. They are in the colourful "Things" and "The Garden" galleries with the emphasis on the hands-on approach.

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  Some of the sound exhibits are suspended on a forest of yellow poles in the "The Garden" gallery. Sound reduction is demonstrated by the use of a door, another one with steel balls inside. 

On the right, the green framework suggests the fossilised bones of a dinosaur in "The Garden". These giant ribs support several sound exhibits.

Green nutcrackers
Tweak the knob, change your voice   On the left is voice manipulator, with a microphone, speaker and pitch control knob. On the right, the yellow buttons select an instrument, the blue buttons play a scale of that instrument. One octave piano with five voices
   Nice colour Pneumatic power drives this chair up and down in the "Things" gallery. The control gear is visible through the porthole. Experience the force of air
   "Old and New" in the "Things" gallery is made in the style of a fruit machine, complete with flashing lights and spinning reels. Using the nudge buttons the reels can be stepped up and down. The idea is to match up the old and new pictures of machines on the reels. The picture on the left shows the stepper motor controls. Click on the picture to see the details of internal workings See the big picture, spot the Diet Coke can
  Looking up to the ceiling in "The Garden" gallery you will see a shiny metal saucer sculpture, complete with lighting effects and sounds to liven up the area.

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