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The Ceiling Fan
  This crafty fan can track it's blades right into the corners of the room, so that the tips can follow the outline of the room.



This is an art piece manufactured for the artist Darren Almond to be displayed in the White Cube art gallery in St James’s Park.

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The fan is 4 metres in diameter when in its rest state and spins at 20 rpm, the blades are all mounted on carriages that are fixed to linear slides allowing the blades to be driven in and out by motors mounted within the hub, the drive to the wings is via a timing belt.

The fan spins normally for 4 minutes and then goes into its cycle of extending each of the blades into the corners of the room as they pass. When in this state the blade tips effectively follow the outline of the room, as the fan has three blades the blades are always moving in different directions or are at different positions at any time, giving the illusion, at first glance, of it moving chaotically.

"the blades appear to be reaching for the corners of the room as if they are trying to escape", according to Darren.

Our involvement consisted of mechanical and electronic design and manufacture, the artist showed us a computer representation of the fan in its cycling state from which the fan was produced.

Also exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts as part of 'Sensation' exhibition of young British artists in 1997.

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