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CD Spinner   CD Spinner display case
  This display unit shows the top five CDs together with their jewel cases. It slowly spins the CDs to attract shoppers' attention.


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The CD Spinner developed for Miss Selfridge stores nation-wide


The CD spinner houses the top five music CD singles together with their cases for display in Miss Selfridge stores, the CDs spin at 60 rpm.

The case was designed and manufactured by us (as directed by Electrosonic Ltd) and consists of a zinc plated back panel with a vacuum formed front cover and interlayer, there are five motors mounted to the interlayer to carry the CDs.

The unit has an electrical interlock isolating the motors when the front cover is removed to allow the CDs to be changed. The front cover is secured using a four point locking mechanism, which is accessed from the back of the unit.

Our involvement consisted of the complete design, management and manufacture of the units which were on display in 39 Miss Selfridge stores nation-wide by the end of August 1998.

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